New Ad Criticizes Rep. Andy Kim on Attacking Women in Sports & Radical Sex Ed Curriculum

GOP challenger Bob Healey said the incumbents’ moderate words don’t match his extreme actions, pointing to the founding of resistance group “Rise Stronger”, joining the far-left Progressive Caucus, and support for radical policies

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Moorestown, September 6, 2022 – Burlington County business owner and GOP challenger for Congress in New Jersey’s Third District today launched a web video taking incumbent Congressman Andy Kim to task for voting to allow biological males to compete against girls in high school and college sports and supporting Governor Phil Murphy’s radical sex education curriculum that mandates the teaching topics like gender identification and sexual orientation to elementary school students.

Healey’s ad, titled “Extreme Andy” and accompanying microsite,, highlights Rep. Andy Kim’s extreme back to school agenda for New Jersey’s children, and will serve as an online home for Kim’s long history of radical politics, from founding far-left resistance group “Rise Stronger” to joining the Progressive Caucus in Congress, which supports defunding the police and socialist economic policies that would crush working families, seniors on fixed incomes, and small businesses.

“Andy Kim is a slick, professional politician who talks like a moderate back home, but whose actions prove he is anything but,” said Healey.  “From founding the far-left resistance group Rise Stronger1 – which promoted books written by cop killers and anti-Semites2 – to joining the Progressive Caucus3, to voting for bills that allow biological boys to compete against girls in high school sports4, to changing House rules5 to officially discourage use of words like ‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘father’, ‘mother’, ‘brother’, or ‘‘sister’, to backing radical sex ed curriculum supported by Governor Phil Murphy and the NJEA6, Congressman Kim is wildly out-of-step with mainstream Democrats, Independents, and Republicans in Burlington, Monmouth, and Mercer Counties and people need to know about it before they vote.”

Healey pointed out that as it relates to biological boys competing against women and girls in sports, even legendary tennis star and LGBT activist, Martina Navratilova7, said allowing biological males to compete against biological females was inherently unfair and unsafe. “I am sure that Congressman Kim’s rebuttal to this will be to somehow attack me as discriminating against LGBT citizens, which is patently false,” said Healey.  “I support gay marriage and equality across the board, but I also support common sense and actual science. House rules that pretend there aren’t differences between men and women and allow people to compete in sports and use bathrooms and locker rooms based on how they identify themselves is anti-science, anti-common sense, and terrible public policy.  I challenge Congressman Kim to stop hiding and explain to his extreme positions to his constituents.”

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