Meet “Extreme” Andy Kim.

Does his radical record represent your values?

  • Founded a radical, far-left resistance group called Rise Stronger that promoted books authored by cop-killers and anti-Semites.
  • Voted for a ‘woke’ new law that allows biological males to compete against women and girls in high school and college sports.  
  • Supports Governor Phil Murphy’s controversial sex ed curriculum that mandates mature sexual topics be taught to elementary school children.
  • Backed the NJEA’s efforts to keep schools closed and masks mandated for our children, contributing to severe learning loss statewide.
  • Voted to promote so-called “gender-neutral” terms, discouraging the use of words like ‘mother’, ‘father’, ‘sister’, ‘brother’, ‘man’, and ‘woman’.

New Ad Criticizes Rep. Andy Kim on Attacking Women in Sports & Radical Sex Ed Curriculum

GOP challenger Bob Healey said the incumbents’ moderate words don’t match his extreme actions, pointing to the founding of resistance group “Rise Stronger”, joining the far-left Progressive Caucus, and support for radical policies

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